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Continous Loop Style or Flemish (2 or 3 Bundle).

Upon Purchase the String will be tailored to your bow. Made to length and matched to your poundage.

Thirty Eight colors of string to select from and ten colors of serving.

Upon purchase please let me know the answers to the questions at the bottom and be specific as to how you are answering the ones that have multiple options. Generally, the string will be completed within 3 days of receipt of payment.(usually witin 1 day). Note: If any material type other than dacron is selected I have a lot fewer colors on hand and May have to order the color selected. If that happens the string may take a week to complete. Before ordering I will let you know the colors in stock and see if you want to change your choices

Dacron String colors: Top row: Black, White, Silver (Grey), Metalic Bronze, Cocobola, Tan, Light Brown, Med Brown and Brown

Second Row: Yellow, Sunrise Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Natural Cedar, Red, Mountain Berry, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Purple, and Purple

Third row: Fluorescent Orange, Sunset Orange, Blue, Teal, Forest green, Green, Fluorescent Green, and Olive Drab Green 

Fourth Row: Kiwi Green, Hunter Green, Black Cherry, Buckskin, Root Beer, Gold

Fifth Row: Light Blue, Electric Blue, Strawberry Red, Light Pink, Sand/Sage/Brown, Hunter Orange

Nylon Serving colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Tan, Dessert Camo, Sherwood, Red, Yellow, and White

NOTE: If you have a crossbow I will need to discuss exact specifications. If you have a Horse Bow like those available at www.horsebows.com I make the strings for either but there is a $3.50 surcharge per string because of the extra materials and time required.

String nocks are available at $.50 each

Please email me if you have any questions.

Longbow or Recurve: $10.00

Crossbows:                $13.50

Horsebows:                $13.50

Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Shipping is 15% via USPS First class mail or $5.00 via USPS Priority mail. Other shipping arrangements can be made if the buyer prefers a different method.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment but checks and Money orders are accepted. Payments made via Paypal will be shipped upon payment confirmation and completion of the string. Other shipping will be once payment clears the bank.

What I will need to know:

1: Type of Bow Recurve or Longbow etc.? Make and model optional

2: Color choice of string?

3: Color choice of serving? I can do the top loop, bottom loop and middle serving differently if you want.

4: Draw weight of bow? (Heavier weights require more strands)

5: Either the AMO length of the bow or the desired length of the string? Please be specific as to which it is.

If you need instruction on how to measure the bow please let me know.

6: The needed size of the eye loops? Either Measure the widest part of the upper limb, or take a string start 1 inch below the notch, loop it through the notch, and back to the starting point. Let me know the that total length. or measure the inside circumfrence of your old string.


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