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Bow Strings



Continous Loop Style or Flemish (2 or 3 Bundle).

Upon Purchase the String will be tailored to your bow. Made to length and matched to your poundage.

Thirty two colors of string to select from and ten colors of serving.

Upon purchase please let me know the answers to the questions at the bottom and be specific as to how you are answering the ones that have multiple options. Generally, the string will be completed within 3 days of receipt of payment.(usually witin 1 day) Note: If any material type other than dacron is selected I have a lot fewer colors on hand and May have to order the color selected.  If that happens the string may take a week to complete. Before ordering I will let you know the colors in stock and see if you want to change your choices.

Dacron String colors:
Top Row: Black, White, Silver (Grey), Metalic Bronze, Cocobola, Tan, Light Brown, Med Brown and Brown
Second Row: Yellow, Sunrise Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Natural Cedar, Red, Moutain Berry, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Purple, and Purple
Third Row: Fluorescent Orange, Sunset Orange, Blue, Teal, Forest green, Green, Fluorescent Green, and Olive Drab Green 
Fourth Row: Kiwi Green, Hunter Green, Black Cherry, Buckskin, Root Beer, Gold
Fifth Row: Light Blue, Electric Blue, Strawberry Red, Light Pink, Sand/Sage/Brown, Hunter Orange

Nylon Serving colors: Black, White, Blue, Brown, Sherwood, Dessert Camo, Forrest Green, Tan, Green,Yellow, and Red

Color options:  You may select any two colors for the endless loop string or a different color for each bundle on the Flemish strings.

NOTES: Crossbow strings and Horsebow strings cost $3.50 more.  If ordering strings with different specifications you will need to add to the basket each one seperately.  Multiple quantity may only be used if the specifications are identical. Material type and string type will also affect the string price as well.

String length: must be entered in the comments section during checkout.  If ordering more than one string please list in the order they were added to the cart. and lable carefully i.e. String 1, String 2.

Please specify if providing actual string length or bow's AMO length.

When providing the Loop Size please provide the flattened loop length.  If you need to estimate this then measure the limb width about 6 inches below the string notch and add the thickness of the limb as well.

If you want more than one string of the same length but with different colors then order them separately but on the same order or else in the comment section of the checkout process you can detail the differences there.

 Strands associated with the Bow poundage is the count for Dacron Strings.  Other materials are stronger and can use fewer strands for the same weigh.  If you select different material and want fewer strands, then add a comment in the checkout letting me know how many you want.

 The Normal Price is for an endless Dacron string. Options that alter the price include the adjustment in parentheses beside the option.

Price: $10.00

Product Options:
Bow poundage
Center Serving Type
Color 2
Color 3 Flem 3 only
Loop size
Material Type
Provided length
Serving Color
String Length
String Length Frac.
String Type

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