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Armguards, Gloves, Stringers, Fiberglass bows and more. The listed price is $1.00 plus each item then has an additional amount to get its true price.  All items have their actual cost liasted with their description.

3 Lobe Armguard: Scalloped brass hook armguard with adjustable elastic straps. 6 3/4" long  $15.00

4 Lobe Armguard: 
Single layer leather armguard with brass hooks and elastic adjustable straps. 8 3/4" long. $20.00


Arrows: Our starter arrows are made from the best 5/16" wood shafting available. They are stained with bright, easy to see, colors accented with a contrasting white crest. Each arrow has snap nocks, is hand fletched with three real 3" feathers, and field tip target points are glued on.

Available in: 24", 26", and 28" lengths. Please specify in the selection box above. For bows up to 35#. Sold by the 1/2 dozen (6-ea) or dozen (12-each)

Note: These arrows are not toys, they have real metal tips and adult supervision is always required when children are shooting.

Shaft color options: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange have 2 matching feathers plus 1 white. Green has 2 Flourescent green feathers.  Natural shafts have 2 Purple feathers.

(If you would prefer your arrows in a specific color please leave a note in the message at check out. We'll do what we can to accommodate you. It's a good idea to list two or more color choices just in case we're out of your first choice.)
6 Arrows: $25
12 Arrows: $45

Bow glove: This bow glove is for the hand that holds the bow. It's specifically for the archer that shoots a self bow, English longbow, or even a horse bow, off his or her hand with no arrow rest or shelf. It provides protection for your hand and a nice launching platform for your arrows. Made of soft, high quality leather with a second layer of leather for durability and added protection. An adjustable elastic Velcro closure insures a snug fit.

Note: When ordering, a RIGHT handed shooter (bow held in left hand) would order a LEFT HAND glove, and a LEFT handed shooter (bow held in right hand) would order a RIGHT HAND glove.

Available in Sizes: S, M, L, and XL, right or left hand. $18.00

Classic Armguard - Large Made with two layers of high quality leather for added protection, this traditional style armguard can be laced for a tight and secure fit with the hook and stretch cord fastener. 8" long. $25.00

Classic Armguard - Small: Made with two layers of high quality leather for added protection, this traditional style armguard can be laced for a tight and secure fit with the hook and stretch cord fastener. 6" long. $20.00

Classic Glove: This classic full-palm glove with extra long finger tips is reinforced with soft leather for the archer that prefers to shoot a "deep hook" style of release. The soft leather molds itself to your hand yet still offers excellent finger protection. We designed this one for comfort and durability. Adjustable elastic Velcro closure for a snug fit.
Available in Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, please specify in the drop-down box above.

  • Soft Double Layer Leather Finger Tips
  • Adjustable Elastic Velcro Closure
  • Color: Autumn Gold

    Crusader Fiberglass Bow: The Crusader is a 53 inch fiberglass recurve bow for young archers aged 10 to 15 is an ideal beginner's bow. Constructed of fiberglass limbs and a molded poly handle that fits both right-handed and left-handed shooters, this bow has a draw weight of 10-20 pounds. It also comes with a new endless loop string. $35.00

    Titan Fiberglass Bow: The Titan is a 60 inch fiberglass recurve bow. Constructed of durable, working recurved fiberglass limbs and full-tapered and full-sized molded poly handle, this bow is ideal for right and left-handed teen and small adult shooters. This bow has a draw weight of 30# @28". It also comes with a new endless loop string.  $55.00

    • No-Glove: No-Gloves are molded rubber pieces that you slide onto the string for perfect finger position AND finger protection. Since they're two separate pieces your arrow goes between them. You control how tight on the arrow they grip and then forget about it. Your nocking point is set.

      No-Gloves are fantastic for young archers who might be having a tough time getting their arrows to stay on the string or for kids who are either too small for gloves and tabs or just can't get the hang of shooting with regular shooting gloves and tabs. Right handed, left handed, no problem No-Gloves work either way.

      If you have a bow you've set up just for bow fishing these are great for that too. Why ruin your favorite shooting glove or tab bowfishing? You can even just set up a spare string with No-Gloves in place for bowfishing. Give 'em a try. We think you'll be surprised.

      Easy to install, just slide them up the string. Sold by the pair. One top and one bottom per pack.
      *Soft Comfortable Rubber
      *Perfect for kids
      *Recommended for Bowfishing

    Rubber Blunts:
    Great for small game hunting and stump shooting. Works on all types of arrows, no taper needed, can even be installed over steel blunts for extra knock-down power. Available in: slide-on 5/16" and 11/32". Please specify. $1.00

  • Recurve Stringer: Leather cup bow stringers for recurve and longbows. Designed to prevent limb twist. $10.00

    Trad Tab: Made of black Super Leather to give you a smooth clean release with every shot. Requires no breaking in. Specify Right or Left hand and Size: Small, Medium, Large.  $7.50

    Universal Stringer:
    This bowstringer is designed to eliminate limb-twist while stringing all types of recurves and longbows. $10.00

     Velcro Armguard:
      Made of high quality leather with adjustable Velcro fasteners. This armguard is designed to fit young archers between ages of 5 to 12 years old. Measures approximately 6" X 2".  $10.00

  • Short Suede Armguard: Appropriate for both adults and older youth, this short suede armguard has internal reinforcement for protection, a soft backing for comfort and 2 adjustable elastic staps for a snug fit. 7" long and 3" wide. Light brown color. $10.00

    Youth Long Suede Armguard: 
    This long suede armguard is perfect for youth and young adults. It has flexible reinforcement for protection, a soft backing for comfort and 4 adjustable elastic straps for a snug fit. Light brown color. 15.00

    Long Suede Armguard:

    This adult long suede armguard has smooth cotton backing for comfort, internal reinforcement to protect the arm and 4 adjustable elastic straps for a snug fit. 13" long and 4" wide. Light brown color. $20.00

    Price: $1.00

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